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Pyranha Burn for the second time

1.10.2007 17:59:24     Autor: Víťa Bareš


This creek / river runner by Pyranha is being made in three sizes - S, M, L. I paddle Burn M, so I cannot judge other sizes, but I would say that S is for girls or lower weight categories for smaller creeks and L is a real ?Goliath? for expeditions and great rivers outside Europe or for he-men?


The outfitting is top. If it were possible to combine sitting of few different producers, it would be super, but it is impossible and each sitting is slightly different? I have tried out basically all brands of creek boats and I prefer sitting in a Riot seat, but the backrest is a nightmare?

Back to Burn; it was normally delivered with Syncro 6 outfitting (that?s what I have in my boat) and in 2007 it is fitted with Connect 30. The backrest has two ratchets just like many other brands, it?s maximally comfortable and it can be easily tightened. The only minus is that the ladder straps run under a rim of a cockpit while being tightened and they get stuck there... I would appreciate a better design of the seat; I especially mean its projection between legs that is missing. Those who have ever sat in a Riot know... A foot rest is excellent, safe enough, it absorbs shocks and your feet cannot twist on it. I highly regard weight of the boat, which is about 19 kilos, and its excellent handling performance.


The boat fit me after a few strokes. You can be sure it is obedient, it forgives you for your mistakes, it changes directions easily and its speed makes you sure you can make it. Regarding the speed, the kayak is definitely ranked among faster boats although Magnum is faster, but it won?t leave you far behind? After all the boats are similar in shape, proportions and weight... And above all I spent about 50 days in Burn last year paddling difficult rivers. I would mention lower Rauma, Sogendalselva, Skjoli, Myrkdalselva in Norway, Oetztaler Welerbrucke or Talbachy ? all WW V ? VI.

That isn?t evident on the boat, the material has really surprised me and there aren?t any deformations. I used to change a boat for a new one every spring, I don?t really take care of them, but there isn?t any reason to exchange the Burn.

Another advantage is that the boat can be sold at a low loss, Pyranha keeps its price.

You won?t be certainly disappointed with the boat, there aren?t many drawbacks and Burn is definitely at the top waiting together with Magnum, El Jefe and Mystic for your attention.



Con?s: A very large cockpit, which means troubles with a spray deck. I have got the largest Noname spray deck and still I have troubles with putting it on. Half-baked leading of backrest straps (hopefully it is modified with Connect 30 outfitting).

Pro?s: Perfect emersion, easy boofs, low weight, excellent material, safety, quality sitting.




Written by Víťa Bareš

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