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VODÁK sport | speciálka na lodě a běžky

On-line order of a wet suit

Producer *
Required colour
Height of figure cm
Distance between the neck hollow and the crotch cm
Chest circumference cm
Waist circumference cm
Hip circumference cm
Neck circumference cm
Distance between the armpit and the wrist cm
Arm muscle circumference cm
Wrist circumference cm
Thigh circumference at crotch cm
Calf circumference cm
Leg circumference 3 cm above the ankle cm
Distance between the crotch and the ankle cm
Quantity ks *
Specifying description of the wet suit (spray deck)
Name and surname *
Street, house number *
City *
Postcode *
Phone number *
E-Mail *
Branch, which sort out your order

* Essential information

It is enough to give only the necessary measures for a specific wet suit (e.g. it isn’t necessary to give an arm length for a sleeveless wet suit)
Deposit for made-to-measure goods is 10% of its price – the price is the same as of stock sizes – please send the deposit (after receiving a confirmation that your order has been accepted) by a giro transfer form (or otherwise after an agreement) to: Vodak sport, Kaštanová 127, 620 00 Brno

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