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Láďa Vaňha

24.1.2007 11:04:14     Autor: Jirka

Yesterday, on his 56th birthday, Láďa Vaňha left for a better world.
He died after a short serious illness at about five o’clock in the afternoon. Mr. Noah was one of the chief boat designers in the world. He first became famous in America where he (thanks to his assignment and ingenious boat designs) started, as one of the first, large-scale production of polyethylene boats and became a businessman of the year there. After a fire disaster, when he lost hundreds of boats prepared for distribution, he returned to the Czech Republic and later helped to start production of first polyethylene kayaks there. In America he sold his designs to Dagger, who was very successful with them next few years.  Láďa’s seats have produced up to the present with only slight changes.
He still wished to return to production of his own kayaks, so he set up on his own and started to produce Noah boats again. An excellent Inuendo, one of the best boats in the world at that time, came to light. After few years, when he was trying to solve a problem of quality, Láďa managed to build, practically purse less, a well running boat factory. Hardly anybody would stand the burden laid to Láďa. Finally, he couldn’t stand it either. Now, he is running down another river than he used to run here, though he remains with us. He bides in our hearts and memories...
Most of the paddlers in our country paddle or used to paddle the Noah boats. They are brilliant.

Thank you, Láďa.

PS: Some Láďa´s photos

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