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Cross-country skis, skis and skis?

20.5.2007 21:32:28     Autor: Jirka

Cross-country skis, skis and skis?

The weather encourages to unpacking white water equipment and going to one of those beautiful flooded mountain streams. Some actually do so and we others envy them quietly, because this winter?s snow conditions are really terrible. At first sight it looks that it?s impossible to ski anywhere. But we spent last weekend on Praděd and it was quite good. There was a well groomed trail both for classic technique and skating between Ovčárna and Švýcárna. Moreover, the trail seemed to continue to Červenohorské sedlo. There was a bit of rain on Sunday, but about 30cm of a quite firm snow base remained. I took a few photos.


Furthermore, here are some news from our shop:
We have extended our range of goods with Coltex climbing skins. Coltex climbing skins are probably the most widely used climbing skins for alpine touring skis and newly for backcountry cross-country skis, too. With the skins we also provide impregnation and glues. Considering the number of skin sizes and types we provide them only per order, but very quickly.. in about three days.
This season we offer wonderful Windstoper gloves for cross-country skiers but, unfortunately, we forgot to inform you earlier. The gloves are very comfortable, not too warm, but windproof - simply ideal for performance cross-country skiing.

Another novelty of this season is that we equip race skiers, above all cross-country skiing and winter orienteering clubs. We offer: Sporten Bhemia RCX racing skis, racing cross-country skis Madshus Hypersonic and Madshus Megasonic and racing cross-country skis Fischer RCS, the boots we offer are Alpina, Madshus, Fischer and Salomon racing boots. We provide racing suits by Swix, Craft and NewLine. Racing waxes we mostly deliver are Cera System by Swix and Holmenkol speedblocks. Our offer also includes other equipment and accessories: waxers, waxing tables, brushes, scrapes, ski bags?Sports clubs can have interesting quantity discounts!!

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