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VODÁK sport | speciálka na lodě a běžky



As importers and distributors of products of many world-renowned companies and as producers of white water equipment we have supplied dealers, rentals and travel agencies with complete range of white water goods on favourable wholesale terms since 1998. We also offer a discount from a basic price to planning units, clubs, schools, the fire brigade, the army and the police.
Vodak sport has been the largest seller of Gumotex boats in the Czech Republic since 2004, thanks to the full services (guarantee and after guarantee servicing, induction training, information, consultancy, transport, large stocks in trade ...), bargain prices and other conditions. Moreover we offer very effective and financially attractive barter advertising to our business partners (Internet, Catalogue, The First Paddler’s Newspaper, trade fairs, other activities ...).

The wholesale prices as well as other business and discount terms can be found in our current wholesale pricelist that we gladly send you if you fill in this form:

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