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Report of new AllStar 2007

14.9.2007 13:55:39     Autor: Honza BUBU Bubník

All Star report

Before I start judging the upgraded Jackson?s freestyle boat All Star, I should mention that I have paddled the first All Star model for three years; therefore I am going to compare only Jackson Kayaks.


 The new series of kayaks features many inspectional details: width, length, volume, position of rails for water flow and also a general face-lift. But maintenance of the original basic shape is a matter of course, so a paddler who has paddled EJ?s boats for some time won?t be disappointed.


Usage of different plastic material is a great advantage, too. It is lighter but can be easily repaired when the boat is punctured.


Paddling the boat is another great surprise. Upgraded extended rails show themselves when they firstly touch a wave. The boat surfs excellently thanks to the prolonged hull and allows perfect control of all performed moves. Its controllability by leans when carving is nearly unbelievable; in this characteristic it is comparable with Crazy by Dagger or surfing specials by Necky kayaks.


 Probably the best ?debugged bug? is a modification of the tail part of the hull, which makes moves starting from back surf 70% easier and 100% more effective. Since the offered models are a few cm longer than the previous, sitting in a cockpit is much more comfortable. Iron grips for tying up the boat have changed, too ? the back one has been replaced by a strap that doesn?t cut into paddler?s spine during air moves. The seat and the system of inflatable bags haven?t changed. However the most important thing is trying the mentioned boats out and finding the ?right one? for your weight and stature. Then you will certainly align with my All Star report. The new All Star have fairly surprised me especially with the number of new details, elimination of mistakes and maintenance of the original shape, which I am already used to. I am sorry I didn?t have opportunity to try out a smaller size ? Star- not even in a hole, but I believe it also is an extraordinary boat that will guarantee its owner unrepeatable adventures on water


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