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VODÁK sport | speciálka na lodě a běžky



26.9.2014 15:55:28     Autor: Katka z Opavy
16.8.2009 23:40:17     Autor: Pavel Srbecký
14.9.2007 13:55:39     Autor: Honza BUBU Bubník
Before I start judging the upgraded Jackson?s freestyle boat All Star, I should mention that I have paddled the first All Star model for three years; therefore I am going to compare only Jackson Kayaks.
13.12.2010 19:05:29     Autor: Jirka
Review of new inflatable canoe Baraka for the umpteen time

A lot has been written about a self draining inflatable canoe made by Gumotex, still I am going to share my own experience with you.

1.10.2007 17:59:24     Autor: Víťa Bareš
This creek / river runner by Pyranha is being made in three sizes - S, M, L. I paddle Burn M, so I cannot judge other sizes, but I would say that S is for girls or lower weight categories for smaller creeks and L is a real ?Goliath? for expeditions and great rivers outside Europe or for he-men?
26.7.2007 12:21:02     Autor: Jirka Štastný
When Chick asked me to write a review of his new book I felt very pleased, because I expected a very interesting piece of writing for paddlers. In a year I usually run down more new rivers than I read new books, but this one was really worth of reading.
21.1.2007 0:21:03     Autor: Jirka
MIX ? or how I tested Burn and experienced The Czech Freestyle Championship

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