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Ahoj vodáci, běžkaři,
budeme rádi, když se o své zážitky na vodě či v bílé stopě podělíte s námi. Za každý publikovaný článek s fotkama dostanete od nás dáreček. Napište nám na

Paddling school

16.1.2008 15:16:10     Autor:

Vodák sport Brno Paddling school

As you have already noticed in news there has been a Paddling school prepared for season 2007.


We have been accepting your applications now so don?t hesitate and sign in. Number of trainees is limited.


There are two basic kinds of our courses:

1. A month kayak or canoe course for beginners and improvers

The course is described in this PDF document
- Paddling school 1

Content of the course
- kayak
- canoe

2. An afternoon tutorial paddling trip ?Through Brno on the river?

The course is described in this PDF document
- Paddling school 2

To apply or for more information send an e-mail to Tomáš:, or phone 604 694 561. You can also write to Anděl:

The Vodák sport Paddling school was founded as a part of Vodák sport Academy that arose from our desire for more safety on rivers and for imparting paddling skills and experience, gathered for many years, to other paddlers.






foto: Aleška Holubová


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