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Alpina, Elan testing days in Slovenia

20.5.2007 21:31:58     Autor: Jirka

Weather here looks like full spring. Flowers sprout up from wet warm soil and they don?t even have to strike through unpleasantly cold snow layer.

petrklic_thumb.jpg snez1_thumb.jpg snez2_thumb.jpg snez3_thumb.jpg

In spite of that, believe or not, it?s mid winter and producers of skiing equipment are introducing their collections for next season to their dealers. They of course hope that there will be a next season? And just like last year, Vodák sport - one of the most important Czech Alpina customers - in fact two of its representatives, were invited to Alpina and Elan presentation in Krajnska Gora in Slovenia.
In comparison to last year we were greeted with green meadows and snow appeared only on mountain tops.

14012007_thumb.jpg 14012007(001)_thumb.jpg 14012007(002)_thumb.jpg 14012007(003)_thumb.jpg

Since Triglav area is deemed to be a paddlers? paradise we, hard-core paddlers, at least had to walk along the Sava Dolinjka river. Some of us even got wet while crossing the stream :-).

14012007(008)_thumb.jpg 14012007(013)_thumb.jpg 14012007(014)_thumb.jpg 14012007(011)_thumb.jpg


As you see the poor snow conditions didn?t allow much skiing. Although there was a bit of artificial snow on ski slopes, too many stones didn?t allow testing brand new skis. Therefore skiing was postponed till the last day in the Austrian Alps. In Krajnska Gora we enjoyed dinners in the biggest local casino, someone even won something, we had a good fun in a local swimming pool and we spent whole day at very interesting lectures on new Elan and Alpina products for new season.

We are interested particularly in Alpina cross-country skiing boots, but if you want to buy some Elan downhill skis or newly an Elan snowboard, we already know a lot about these brilliant advanced products and we will be pleased to help you. Feel free to ask and we will equip you with suitable downhill skis or snowboards.

For next season there is a new attractive ladies? Alpina boot line - EVE. The boot design and shape fulfil the requirements of ladies? feet.
Changes for better also occur in other lines. All of them will be slightly upgraded, so the boots will fit better. Design of TR15 line has been changed and it looks more like trekking footwear now. There?s a novelty in BC boots. BC 1550 line (probably the best selling boot) has got a sibling with a membrane, which is more damp-proof. The new line is labelled BC 1560.
Racing cross-country footwear has slightly changed its design. The red colour is combined with yellow components that harmonise the boots with Madshus skis as yet, but also with Fisher now.
Further there are many functional details, but I cannot give their full and objective description here. You can find everything in the new Alpina catalogue 2007/2008, which will be available in few weeks in Czech language.
Here are some photos from the presentation. I apologise for their poor quality. The light wasn?t very good and I had only my mobile phone without flash at hand.

On Monday we moved to the Austrian Alps, where there was enough snow for both downhill and cross-country skiing and scarcely any skiers.
I have already mentioned that we tested Elan skis and snowboards. Personally I was mostly impressed by Elan Speedwave 14 skis that were absolutely brilliant ? both short and long turns went great. I also really enjoyed performance slalom skis Elan SLX and universal skis Magfire 12. But other Elan skis were not to be sniffed at, too. A few photos from the beautiful day -

15012007(001)_thumb.jpg 15012007(002)_thumb.jpg 15012007(003)_thumb.jpg 15012007(004)_thumb.jpg
15012007(005)_thumb.jpg 15012007(006)_thumb.jpg 15012007(007)_thumb.jpg 15012007(008)_thumb.jpg

Our thanks belong to the organiser of the event - Inasport company, the exclusive distributor of Elan and Alpina in the Czech Republic.

Skiing in the Austrian Alps is perfect, but here in our mountains... I believe that it will snow yet and we will be able to make up for everything and enjoy fantastic winter pleasures. I?m looking forward to the forecasted next week snow calamity. :-)


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